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VOL.3 2018

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Drama Without Drama Three months of initial site work culmi- nated in a board-formed-concrete site wall and foundation walls, which add a heavy anchoring element that's beau- tiful but was labor-intensive to build. Constructing a site wall—the only part of the project with conventional foot- ings—was the easiest way to minimize cut and fill in this delicate ecosystem. The house itself is doweled directly into the rock, or as builder Page Repp puts it, "The whole structure is epoxied into the mountain." The bar-shaped spatial sequence moves from the slab-on-grade bedrooms and study to the cantilevered kitchen and living area, which is built with steel beams and B-decking on con- crete. The overhang rests on the front site wall, sailing about 17 feet beyond it. A high floor plate and the natural hill created room for a partial base- ment/storage area under the main living space and the opportunity to connect the front and back terraces with an elegant walkway under the house. The basement excavation was the biggest construction challenge, Page says. "Chipping out rock is expensive; we did it minimally and maintained a tight footprint so the desert stays right up next to the house." The plywood-formed basement walls are not typical in Arizona, he adds, but "we had an incredible concrete contract that priced out the same as masonry." Laying out the structural system on a grid of standard building-material di- mensions also helped to pare down the budget. For example, the office, work- shop, and carport are each 12 feet deep, and modules divisible by 12 determined their length. This allowed for conven- tional wood framing and 4x8 sheets of plywood. Likewise, the house is 24 feet wide, and its standard-dimension steelwork eliminated the need for a custom B-deck support system under the concrete flooring. "We like to add a compositional element to the way everything comes together when the design is simple." —Victor Sidy FLOOR PLAN | 1. Living | 2. Kitchen | 3. Guest Room | 4. Bath | 5. Study | 6. Master Bedroom | 7. Laundry |   8. Office  | 9. Fitness Room 10. Workshop | 11. Car Court | 12. Fire Pit | 13. Water Feature | 14. Terrace 1 2 3 4 4 5 6 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 14 14 14 7 72 RESIDENTIALDESIGNMAGA ZINE.COM VOL. 3, 2018 DESIGN LAB HIGHER ORDER

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