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VOL.3 2018

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Dignity on Arrival There's something else Miguel feels strongly about: A home's entry sequence should treat clients and guests with the same level of dignity and ceremo- ny. He'll not have his clients skulking through cluttered mudrooms and service corridors in their own houses. Here, guests and clients alike approach down a long driveway, guided at night by the glow of that porch beacon. ("It gives you a sense of safety and scale," says Miguel.) They park in the motor court or garage and enter through a wide hall- way, clad on all sides like a jewel box. Once inside the main door, they proceed down a long spine to the central entertaining areas. The interior's sheet rock walls become gallery space for hanging art and shelving for books and sculpture, punctuated along the route by floor-to-ceiling windows that frame views of the natural world. In short, ev- eryone who arrives delights in the best aspects of the home. "It's horrible that in most houses only visitors come in the beautiful way," he says. "Here you enter with the same dignity as the guests; you use the same front door." This page: The arrival sequence is the same for owners and visitors—through a cypress-lined entry corridor and down a long gallery hall to the kitchen and great room. 65 VOL. 3, 2018 RESIDENTIALDESIGNMAGA ZINE.COM

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