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VOL.3 2018

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wives get really mad at us." Perhaps the guys should buy them a drink at the bar, because it seems unlikely the experi- mental and entrepreneurial spirits will end soon. And what about the speculative housing work that garnered so much attention back in the go-go days? "We stucco? There are ways to invoke more subtlety and texture without covering things up." The office building served as a useful laboratory for ideas the company had at the time and have since learned from. "We use our own houses as laborato- ries, too," says Page. "And then our haven't done spec houses since 2008. But we have an inventory of proper- ties that we might be doing something with," Page says. "Rick and I have talked about doing one speculative project a year. What we currently own is residential. So, that project could be a tiny home, or houses on smaller lots— or small commercial buildings." You can hear the gears start to turn, and then shift back to the here and now. "The commercial restaurant and bar work is leading us into the wellness market —not straight medical, but spa-like," Page sums up. "We're also doing a bit of historical, renovation, and upgrade work. What's fun is the huge variety of things we're working on. We're really busy, and that's a nice problem to have." —S. Claire Conroy Left: Repp + McLain designed Sparkroot Coffee with architect Chuck Meyer, using steel, reclaimed barn wood, and stainless steel aircraft cable. Photo: Liam Frederick PRO-FILE BUILD modern fi res DESIGN COMPETITION WINNER Spark Modern Fires would like to congratulate McInturff Architects the Grand Prize Winner of our 9th Annual Design Competition. Fire, Food & Water, Washington DC Architect: Mark McInturff FAIA Designer: Mark McInturff FAIA, Colleen Gove Healey AIA Photographer: Julia Heine See all the winners at sparkfi or call 203.791.2725 FOR MORE INFO CIRCLE 8

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