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Grit Is Good DRAW ARCHITECTURE + URBAN DESIGN KANSAS CITY, MO. Photos: Mike Sinclair There is slick architecture, and then there is living, breathing design no one is afraid to touch. DRAW Architecture aims for the latter, with as much of the former as circumstances will allow. The mid-sized firm of about 12 or so oper- ates out of the Crossroads, a KCMO neighborhood alive with creativity, cuisine, and coffee. Says Dominique Davison, who founded the firm under her own name in 2005, "We're right behind the art store, just down from the coffee shop, and next to the Thai noodle place." The area is bustling with architecture firms, too, which fosters a culture of healthy competition that keeps everyone sharp. Dan Maginn, FAIA, was part of that competition until three years ago, when he joined Dominique's enterprise, attracted by its mission of "empathy and activism." With a mix of adaptive reuse, reno- vation, and new construction projects of all types, the diverse practice celebrates the city's urban grit—never seeking to erase the character lines that come of history, location, or tough budgets. "You know, Missouri has St. Louis on one side and us on the other. They like to refer to themselves as the 'western most eastern city.' But we're like the first western city," says Dan. "There's a little bit of a grit here that we embrace—a bit of urban edge that we try to combine while achieving an elegance." Dan has a gift for words—precise, evocative, and funny. It was a talent that served him well as a cofounder of el dorado, a design/build firm also known for its humor and edgy urban appeal, along with his design chops and solid business skills. Dan came aboard Dominique's firm at a time when it was struggling with its own success. She needed more methodology to manage the madness. "Four years ago, when I started to talk with Dan, the office was getting larger and the projects more complex," she recalls. "I knew that my strengths were not on the operational side. When you're running the business and trying to bring in the business, it's tough to be also thinking about how to get it all done. Dan is great at being able to get things done. And he's great in his marketing ability." Her last statement is really an understatement, and that's obvious the moment you pull up their website. El dorado also had a snappy website that captured the quirky spirit of the firm and honed its image as a creative powerhouse, but one that was very ap- proachable. DRAW's website, produced by Dan and his wife, Keri Maginn, who is director of operations at the firm, is even better. Filled with loose, fun, but highly polished visuals, it communi- cates brilliantly the heart, soul, and deep good nature of the principals and staff. And, of course, it's funny—very funny. Most important, though, it's disarming—deftly purging any intim- idation a potential client might feel in hiring an architect. You want to have a beer with them, and you want them to design your house—or any other build- ing you might have in mind. This page: DRAW principals Dominique Davison, AIA, and Dan Maginn, FAIA. For the McGrath townhouse renovation with scant setback from the sidewalk, the architects commissioned a custom metal screen for shade, privacy, and a touch of gritty elegance. Portraits: Dan Videtich 11 VOL. 3, 2018 RESIDENTIALDESIGNMAGA ZINE.COM PRO-FILE DESIGN

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