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VOL.2 2018

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The current owners fell in love with the house for its contemporary feel and for its abundance of light, but they saw room for improvement in how it served their family. They didn't care for the kitchen or bathrooms, and they didn't need all the bedrooms Larry had designed for the original couple's multiple children. Paring down the program meant the design team could also enhance the flow of natural light and circulation. "We started with the idea of just surgical interventions," says Alex. "The parti is essentially the same and the house was originally pretty stripped down inside, but the clients are real minimalists—like nothing-on- the-coffee-table people. So we ended up doing a very strict editing job. Every- thing was considered and curated." Same Difference The team's big bold move on the revised house was to enlarge the east-facing glass façade from one story to two. "We made it taller and stretched it up, and we enlarged the window above," says Alex. "The house is in a historic district but does not have historic designation. It always stood out, so we weren't going to cause a big stir with that change. In fact, it's now more in proportion with the neighborhood. That was something Larry was excited to be able to do." "It's now more vertically command- ing on the street," says Larry. "And the transparency of the glass further complements the solidity of the stone." Both Larry and Alex agree that ad- vancements in glazing technology made the changes possible. "The curtain wall Above, left to right: The location and curve of the stair were original, but the renovation sharpened nearly everything else about it, including the railings and the glass for the stair and the skylight at the top. "Since we were working with so few materials, we tried to separate them and give them air." —Alex Schabel 47 VOL. 2, 2018 RESIDENTIALDESIGNMAGA ZINE.COM

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