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VOL.2 2018

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Chicago Residence BOOTH HANSEN CHICAGO Opposite and above: The distinctive glass wall on the front elevation brings natural light inside, but places living areas at a comfortable remove from street-level passersby. As a residential professional, one of the most intimidating kinds of projects is renovating the work of a distinguished architect. That's the challenge Larry Booth undertook for this award-winning urban project in Chicago. The punchline is, the distin- guished architect responsible for the existing 1980s-era house was Laurence Booth, FAIA—the man in the mirror. He returned—nearly 40 years later—to update and improve upon his own work. Perhaps the passage of so much time was a kind of blessing. Says Larry, "It was done so long ago, I really had no sense of ownership of the original." This was one of those projects that starts as a small job, but then grows and grows until no portion is left untouched. So, had Larry felt posses- sive of his first go-round, it would have proved problematic, indeed. "The concept is still basically the same, but nearly everything is improved in design and execution. The detailing is more sophisticated after 30 years have gone by. The tech is much improved in what it enabled us to do. And the clients were more generous in their ambitions." Larry's revision was sharpened by the progress of design thinking during the intervening years, of course, but also by the collaboration with his project architect on the house, principal Alex Schabel, AIA. The house, at least from the outside, was very familiar to Alex, who lives just a block or so away. "I'd see it on my walks and think how cool it is," she says. 45 VOL. 2, 2018 RESIDENTIALDESIGNMAGA ZINE.COM

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