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FOR MORE INFO CIRCLE 6 AT: A couple of houses down, another alley unit went up about the same time, and there are garages and garden sheds back there. There's one house that has a great playhouse in back. On the streets themselves, the houses are all prim and proper and behave themselves. But there's more license in the back, and the scale is really fun. HM: There's a real feel of freedom with the space that reads through in the architecture and the landscape. Where the cars pull in, we filled in with gravel to make a little court space. It's pervious, very low maintenance, and allows that landscape space to breathe more. For us, the ADU solution has so much merit compared to what was happening before. People were buying bungalows and adding looming growths to them. It ruined the whole feel of the neighborhood with these alien creatures added onto the tops and around the houses. This building is discreet, and it strengthens the character of the neighborhood. Above: The origami-like roof structure enlivens the architecture of the house and improves the livability of its indoor spaces. 14 RESIDENTIALDESIGNMAGA ZINE.COM VOL. 2, 2018 VERBATIM Occasionally Beauty Is A Beast Powder Coated Heavy Gauge Galvanized STEEL Sometimes You Just Have To Look Closely Dryer Wall Vents aesthetically complement every home's exterior, and they are well built. Their underlying strength is thanks to a heavy gauge galvanized steel frame that is powder coated. It stands the test of time. Selecting the Dryer Wall Vent as an architectural accent–or even as a component that blends in–will help you keep your beautiful home exteriors well...Beautiful. DWV4W DWV4T DWV4B Choose A Modern Termination And Eliminate Exterior Blemishes

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