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Vol 4, 2017

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made it easier to go to a custom unit without incurring a substantial premium." Where the spaces would benefit from more natural light but need to preserve privacy, too, the architects placed custom mahogany screens over windows and other open- ings. The screens add another of those "hand-shaped" warm elements to balance out the sharper industrial palette. They layer on texture and richness to the otherwise "simple, white gable forms," as Pi calls them, and strike a proper note of New England reserve on the public side of the house. As Americans move farther away from their rural agrarian roots, it appears more of us find resonance in evoking its enduring images. But it's not just wistful think- ing—the farmhouse is truly an American archetype. Its basics are as flexible and functional today as they were a hundred years ago. We've been perfecting this building for a very long time, tailoring it to each circumstance like a Savile-Row suit. Even updated with modern flare, the 21st century farmhouse is stalwartly beyond style and fleeting fashion. It is an American classic. VOL. 4, 2017 RESIDENTIALDESIGNMAGAZINE.COM 47

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