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Vol 4, 2017

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0' 2' 4' FIRST FLOOR PLAN SECOND FLOOR PLAN 0' 2' 4' 8' SECOND FLOOR PLAN explains. "The novelty of the fenes- tration becomes more apparent as you get closer—the whole modern vocabu- lary reveals itself as you approach the house." In plan, the house is essentially "two boxes—one zoned for family and one for guests," says Pi. "And they all meet in the middle in the kitchen." The master suite is on the main level of its wing, and children access second-floor bedrooms via a family stair. On the other side of the house, guests have their own stair to second-level accommo- dations. The main level of their "box" contains shared spaces, such as the main entry, screened porch, and a bathroom that does double duty for the pool, and family service areas, such as the mud- room, laundry room, and passage to the pantry and garage. "The house needed to feel com- fortable for a family of four when they are there just for the weekend," says Ira. "But then it also needed to accom- modate larger-scale entertaining and longer visits with guests. A distinct guest wing helps manage the sense of scale." Blending In and Standing Out Even though their exteriors are so adept at appearing traditional, farmhouse interiors lend themselves to looking very contemporary. The secret in both cases is those gable forms. On the inside of the house, they easily become dramatic volume spaces. Matched with generous glazing, these spaces connect visually and physically to the outdoors CASE STUDY W D FIRST FLOOR PLAN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 15 9 10 11 12 13 14 16 FIRST FLOOR PLAN | 1. Entry | 2. Guest Stair | 3. Garage | 4. Mud Room | 5. Screen Porch | 6. Pantry 7. Kitchen | 8. Living Room | 9. Dining Room | 10. Den | 11. Family Stair | 12. Master Closet 13. Master Bedroom | 14. Master Bath | 15. South Porch | 16. Upper Pool Terrace SECOND FLOOR PLAN | 17. Bunkroom | 18. Guest Room | 19. Mechanical Room DURAVIT SINGLE VERO SINGLE HOLE DECK MOUNT DURAVIT DOUBLE VERO SINGLE DECK MOUNT 11 17 18 18 17 2 19 40 RESIDENTIALDESIGNMAGAZINE.COM VOL. 4, 2017

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