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Vol. 3, 2017

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logos—things that are graphically expressed in two dimensions. We wanted a profile that had a clear graphic shape. So, we three-dimensionalized a two-dimensional name." Meta Metamorphosis That graphic quality is expressed with three major components—a light-colored brick base; a darkened wood shell or carapace that fits over it; and a meticulously placed, contrapuntal arrangement of glazed elements. "That major shell holds everything together," Marlon explains. "And in a turnabout, the rustication happens on the top and not on the bottom, as it usually does." "There's a really nice detail where the wall doesn't hit the concrete block. Instead, it's a sliver of glass," says Meryati. "Projected from the base, glass would be the joint," Marlon adds, finishing her thought. "The joint between the base and wall is where architecture becomes a game of inches—mere inches. Those decisions become the system of articulation. And that takes the house out of the everydayness—and gives us shadow play and a sense of detail." This is how a talented firm can take a merchant builder's bag of tricks and conjure something extraordinary. Says Marlon, "The scale of the hand is really important. So much architecture just works at the scale of the building." Light Fantastic Despite the emphasis on elevation, interiors received due consideration. Light comes in from those sliver windows, sliding doors, skylights, and clerestories—everywhere and on all sides of the building. And their overall effect was the greatest surprise for the clients: They hadn't expected how much a well-designed house could transform their everyday lives. "Everything is a single width for good daylighting," Meryati Left: The Blackwells' L-shaped plan creates a private backyard on the tight suburban lot. MAIN FLOOR PLAN VOL. 3, 2017 RESIDENTIALDESIGNMAGAZINE.COM 73

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