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Vol. 3, 2017

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Lisa's special interest, in addition to the firm's architectural work, is interior design and furnishing, which she pursues under the name Gray Design. Whether in new construction or remodeling, the architects are espe- cially interested in improving building performance over the long term, while carefully weighing performance returns against costs to the environment and the overall budget of the project. In this project, that balancing of metrics was all-consuming: "What's poignant to us is the design sensitivity of the period was just not matched by the technical capabilities," says Alan. "Today's knowledge is so much better, as is the technology. It was like restoring a piece of artwork not designed for longevity. But they had big architectural ambitions." Although big on style, what Granberry's original house didn't have much of was insulation. "It was leaky and poorly insulated. It had a resin roof that was replaced but was still not nice. Tar paper was the only moisture barrier," Alan explains. "Masonry was put on plywooded stud walls. All of the studs and plywood were rotten, and the masonry was pretty much freestanding. We reverse engineered the walls to create a thermal break and make them properly insulated. We used high-density spray foam insulation and pressure-treated studs. "We hired an expert crew to disman- tle the project. It was a really intensive primary deconstruction procedure that required intensive knowledge of steel and wood. When we first gutted it, we surveyed what steel we had and rede- ployed it. There were header beams that were dropped headers, and we pulled them up into the floor package. Now, ceiling and soffit plane are the same, instead of walls with punches through them. The whole process was surgical." VOL. 3, 2017 RESIDENTIALDESIGNMAGAZINE.COM 41

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