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Vol. 3, 2017

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Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, and Grand Central Station, among other iconic structures. The land the house occupies was quarried at one point in its past, likely in the late 1800s. According to an article in the New Haven Regis- ter, many of the quarry workers of the period originally resided on the sound's rocky islands, "rowing themselves to work each day." Ethical Architecture "The site is kind of near where we live, in an old quarry in Guilford," says Alan. "Tony Smith built some houses out there, and Carlton Granberry built a lot. Unfortunately, his architecture was ahead of the technology of the times." The firm's clients, who are also friends, bought the house with the expectation of renovating it. "One of the reasons the former owners sold the house to our clients was they said they would not tear it down." As often happens, the deeper the clients and firm delved into the project, the more evident its flaws became. Still, there was no turning back. "There's this weird threshold of tinkering versus reimagining," says Alan. "It was a bal- ancing act on that thin line of completely reskinning and celebrating what were very latent architectural ideas. We ended up doing a complete gut renovation of the building—down to the framing." That, of course, drove up the cost of the project significantly. But everyone involved felt that it was a mission of mercy to preserve and renew a building VOL. 3, 2017 RESIDENTIALDESIGNMAGAZINE.COM 39

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