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Vol. 3, 2017

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AIA CRA Occasionally Beauty Is A Beast Powder Coated Heavy Gauge Galvanized STEEL Sometimes You Just Have To Look Closely Dryer Wall Vents aesthetically complement every home's exterior, and they are well built. Their underlying strength is thanks to a heavy gauge galvanized steel frame that is powder coated. It stands the test of time. Selecting the Dryer Wall Vent as an architectural accent–or even as a component that blends in–will help you keep your beautiful home exteriors well...Beautiful. DWV4W DWV4T DWV4B Choose A Modern Termination And Eliminate Exterior Blemishes CRAN Symposium Preliminary Schedule TE SPEAKER Steve Mouzon, AIA: "Incremental Art Deco Revival" Steve Mouzon, AIA, is an architect, urbanist, and photographer from Miami. He is the author of "The Original Green" and founder of the New Urban Guild, which helped foster the Katrina Cottages movement and hosts Project:Smart Dwelling. Mouzon Design produces a number of town- building tools and services. The house plans have been featured repeatedly as "Home of the Month" in Southern Living, Coastal Living, and Cottage Living magazines. Steve is Town Architect at several new hamlets, villages, and neighborhoods around the country, using a unique method that communicates principles, not just particulars. Steve is also a principal of the New Urban Guild in Miami. The New Urban Guild is a group of architects, designers, and other New Urbanists dedicated to the study and the design of true traditional buildings and places native to and inspired by the regions in which they are built. FEATURED SPEAKERS A D SESSIO OPICS ALL SHULM , FAIA: The Tropical Home in Miami STEVE MOUZO , AIA: Incremental Art Deco Revival RA OLPH C. HE G: The Residential Architecture of Alfred Browning Parker, FAIA KEVI HARRIS, FAIA: The Forever Home MARK LALIBERTE: Resiliency in Residential Construction MARICA MCKEEL, AIA: Moving Beyond a One-Person Firm RE A KLEI , FAIA: Your First Hire; When, Why, and Who RIS G WATERS PA L DISCUSSIO : Shawna Meyer, AIA, moderator; speakers Alan Berger, Martin Pederson, Chris Meyer MICHAEL IMBER, FAIA: Beautiful Drawings and Their Role in Creating Classic Architecture ICOLE LEMIEUX: What Do Clients Think About Working With Us? JEFF ECHOLS: How to Find Clients Through Social Media MAX STRA G, FAIA: Firm Monograph For more details about the symposium as they develop, and for information on how to register for the symposium and make hotel reservations, see the symposium website at: Photo: Courtesy Steve Mouzon 34 RESIDENTIALDESIGNMAGAZINE.COM VOL. 3, 2017 FOR MORE INFO CIRCLE 16

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