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Vol. 3, 2017

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PRO-FILE BUILD had not aged well and was certainly not up to modern life in the new millennium. Now, David could have simply repaired the existing house, but it would have functioned only as a shrine to midcentury architectural thought and not as a viable dwelling. Perhaps some would have been fine with freezing it in a bygone time, but David was interested in something more challenging. To help him plan an extensive renovation and reinvention, he hired Joeb Top: The Eliot Noyes house David renovated with Joeb Moore & Partners. Above: KieranTimberlake's Pound Ridge House in Pound Ridge, N.Y., reflects its wooded site. Photo: © David Sundberg/Esto Photo: © Peter Aaron/Esto the original Noyes house as a distinct building, then went on to create its own fresh dialogue and interaction with it. Bring in Da Stars This amazing work helped solidify the reputations of both builder and architect with clients and pros alike. David's career now reads like a shortlist of well-known, accomplished, and technically demanding architectural firms: Toshiko Mori, Cutler Anderson, Olson Kundig, Bates Masi, and many more. "We want to work on the more demanding, stimulating jobs. We want to work with the top designers who do good plans," says David. And they keep coming back. He and his team of 19 have built multiple houses for these architects and scores of others. Why do they keep returning to David? Maybe because nothing fazes him. Not even Jim Cutler. "I've encountered no one else in my career who draws all his details himself," says David, with considerable awe and admiration of Jim. "He hands you a book with everything drawn. Masonry work, framing details, window install details. You have to be up to the challenge to work with him." Meeting the high standards of the standard-bearers is one thing. David has Moore, of Joeb Moore & Partners in Greenwich, Conn. Joeb's work at the time was singular in its sensitivity to existing conditions and in the level of invention he was capable of bringing to any new additions. He's an architect who thrives on theory and research in architecture, and he applied the full force of his talents on the Noyes remodel. As did David. Ultimately, Joeb's new architecture allowed you to read 28 RESIDENTIALDESIGNMAGAZINE.COM VOL. 3, 2017

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