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play of light and shadow. That second request, for a house with implacable solidity, led the architects on an ex- tended search for the right materials or construction method. "The wife lived in Belgium during her youth, where people built out of thick, permanent materi- als," Mark says. "They said, 'we don't want a house where it sounds hollow when you knock on the wall or step on the floor. She would walk in and knock on a double-layer stud wall and say no." Principal Peter Noonan, AIA, came up with the idea of using insulated con- crete form walls for the two wings. From basement floor to roof, the walls are composed of a 10-inch poured-concrete core sandwiched between several inches of rigid foam. "One advantage of ICF for three stories is that you get an incredibly well-insulated mass," Peter says. "We installed a geothermal system for both heating and cooling, and once you get the interior heated up or cooled down, these thick concrete walls hold that thermal environment. A lot of the Passive Houses use similar technologies." The floor structure is impenetra- ble, too. Thin Epicore steel spanning elements were embedded with radiant tubing and filled with concrete. "Our general contractor had a super foreman named John Maysak, whom we totally bonded with and frustrated on more than one occasion," Mark says. "It's a commercial concrete floor system with concrete framing like you'd see in Switzerland; you could drive a truck on it. Everybody prioritizes where they put The house is built like a tank, with walls of poured concrete sandwiched in foam and a commercial concrete flooring system embedded with radiant tubing. It's heated and cooled with a geother- mal system. As a result, says architect Peter Noonan, the house holds its thermal environment extremely well. "When people come to us with an idea that has cultural significance to them, we run with it." —Mark McInturff 71 VOL. 4, 2019 RESIDENTIALDESIGNMAGA ZINE.COM

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