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on the left opens into the courtyard, where a concrete walk- way and stepping stones hug the perpendicular brick fa├žades on an indirect route to the front door. Planted with airy honey locust trees (think New York City's Paley Park), the 24-foot-wide-by-39-foot-deep court- yard contains gravel made from brick that broke or was cut, and crushed rock left over from the foundation. The house retreats behind the courtyard wall, its sides mostly solid. "From the garden in back you can see right through the house and courtyard and kind of through the courtyard wall, almost like a house of mirrors," Larry says. Floor plans can be deceiving. Their simplicity gave Larry the freedom to manipulate the building section. The glass-enclosed A highly edited palette of colors and materials put the focus on precise, crisp detailing. Architect Mark Peters bird-dogged the process as leader of the local design/build team in Chicago. office, for example, can be seen across the courtyard from the living room. "If you put a plan of, say, the Salk Institute or many things by Lou Kahn in a student project and just showed the plan, 90 percent of professors would fail them," Larry says. "I worked for a guy in Florida named Gene Leedy, and one thing I loved about his work is this idea of seeing from the inside of your building to the outside and then back in. The outside space becomes part of the inside space because it's squeezed into the building." Another example of this indoor-outdoor choreography occurs in the living room, where the side brick wall makes a knife-edge connection to the glass back wall. As Mark explains it, "We ended the brick wall a window-frame width from the 37 VOL. 4, 2019 RESIDENTIALDESIGNMAGA ZINE.COM

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