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ded with radiant heat and finished with rustic-grade walnut planking. In fact, because the cold can circulate under the house, all of the plumbing water lines were run in the concrete subfloor to keep them from freezing. "To get the water to the cabin, they were run in 4-inch PVC pipe with the heat lines and enclosed in a highly insulated chase," Brian says. "This was one of the biggest issues in making the house work." Agricultural buildings along Highway 9 inspired the cabins' plain profile and 12:12 roof pitch. Their ebony-stained cedar siding blends with the land, as does the bonderized stand- ing seam metal roof. Matte and more natural-looking than galvanized metal, it was left unfinished. Outside In The cabins' simplicity, form, and func- tion allow the family to come together and relax without having to worry much about upkeep. But their interiors evolved well beyond the confines of minimalism. Baltic birch raw plywood ceilings lend a low-key, rustic feel that resonates with the local vernacular and, in some places, wrap down the wall. They also reduce glare coming from the glass walls. The plywood panels were installed on top of double 2-inch-by- 12-inch exposed rafters with a small gap between them, which lends a lighter look than 4-by-12 rafters. That layering led to "a challenging sequencing of construction that Brian solved for us," Renée says. "The issue was that the electrical wiring in the roof had to be visible from below for inspection, but it couldn't be inspected until the roof was dried in, which meant installing the plywood above the rafter. That made it impossible to install the exposed rafter and ply ceiling in the way we thought we were going to. He came up with this great idea that I've used on subsequent projects." 83 VOL. 3, 2019 RESIDENTIALDESIGNMAGA ZINE.COM

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