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space between the cabins, which was important on this site," Renée says. "The little cabin blocks winds from the west." Another move that elevates the con- cept, literally, is the carbon steel–grate decking—"a big snow strainer"—that connects the cabins. With the tree grow- ing up through it, the deck floats above the rocky land and makes sense of the buildings' offset geometries by shaping the void between them. "Steel grate decking is commonly seen in ski resorts and is extremely slip-resistant," Renée says. It eliminates snow shoveling, to a degree. It's not a shoeless deck—it's not comfortable on bare feet—but the pros outweigh the cons." Almost the entire project was lifted off the ground to reduce excavation and let the snow and rain drain to the original contours. The cabins are suspended on isolated pier foundations, though a small part of the main cabin, containing the me- chanical and storage, rests on the ground. Raising the cabins on their spindly legs was a bit tricky at first. "Until the metal framework for the deck went in, it was hard to keep everything stabi- lized and straight," says builder Brian Peoples. "The cabins rest on steel piers with diagonal bracing at one end." Nine-and-a-half-inch steel floor joists topped with ¾-inch plywood added sup- port during construction. The subfloor is a layer of lightweight concrete embed- This page and opposite: The "Big Cabin" comprises everything the client needs when she visits by herself. An open kitchen/living/ dining space with distant mountain views, and a compact but well-appointed master suite. An efficient RAIS wood stove carries much of the heating load. 82 RESIDENTIALDESIGNMAGA ZINE.COM VOL. 3, 2019 DESIGN LAB CLIMATE CHAMELEONS

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