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qualities: a place in the woods to get away; a life pared down to basics; quiet, minimalist, and without a lot of dis- tractions. Perhaps most important: the building should belong to the landscape and Fairplay's vernacular culture. Hover Craft Given the narrow, 1-acre lot and the need to save the tree, it soon became clear that one long house would not work. Renée sliced off a piece of her sketch, creating a smaller sleeping cabin that sits parallel to the property line, and cranked the main cabin to make it fit. With the pine tree growing between them, the main cabin is angled directly south for solar gain and a spectacular view of the mountains. It contains the living quarters and master suite, and its glassy gable end frames Quandary Peak on the back side of Breckenridge. By contrast, the smaller cabin fo- cuses more on forest views. Containing two bedrooms and a shared bath, one bedroom gazes into the trees, while the other room's gable window frames the scenic Collegiate Peaks. "The surprise of the site planning was that we created this nice wind-protected Opposite and this page: To preserve an old pine and grab the best views for key rooms, architect Renée del Gaudio split the three-bedroom plan apart and skewed the two buildings. A metal grating deck links the two volumes, shedding rain and snow. 81 VOL. 3, 2019 RESIDENTIALDESIGNMAGA ZINE.COM

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