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Lighter-colored materials help bounce the daylight. And the stair, as a floating piece, emphasizes that lightness. In such a narrow, tight space, we did not want a heavy stair." The house borrows an even greater sense of expansiveness from its views of the ocean and beach. The slightly trapezoidal skew of the lot allowed the architects to push window walls and decks into the sightlines down the beach, further acti- vating the rooms within and the tiered outdoor living areas. It's almost like floating on a cruise ship. "It's rare when your backyard is the Pacific Ocean, so you have to take advantage of that," says the architect. "And we were lucky to be able to get in a roof deck, too, which I consider essential to capture the views of the ocean." Combined with the window walls and the roof deck, the stairs help ventilate the house with ocean breezes. And those projecting decks help shade interiors from southern sun. Paint It Black Along with the cataclysmic forces of sudden, dramatic storms, beach locations are also notorious for the slow poison of salt air. For the home's exterior, the team wanted to mitigate future weather damage, while at the same time combating the prevailing banal architecture (the home is flanked by nondescript if pricey neighbors in hues of beige and brown). Steel was a no-go because of its vulnerability to corrosion, so the architects elected to wrap the house in aluminum painted a deep graphite color. "The houses on either side are taller, because height restrictions have changed over the years," Lorcan says. "Our house was obviously smaller, so we needed to give it some presence. We took the roof and folded it back by 45 degrees at 18 feet high. And we created a standing seam solution, because the fins add layer and depth. The dark color further A mezzanine en route to the roof deck tucks in a little extra flexible space for the two-bedroom house. 51 VOL. 3, 2019 RESIDENTIALDESIGNMAGA ZINE.COM

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