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value. What is the value of a single client? What is the value of positioning myself as a go-to authority for trusted advice on designing a home or renovation? Assuming a respectable fixed fee, if having a book nurtures and secures a single $500,000 client to choose me over my tal- ented and capable competition, that would pay for publication costs. If the book actually sells, those royalties are lagniappe. The intrinsic value of publishing includes being able to offer trusted advice (in book form) to a wide audience that may not otherwise be in a position to use an architect, thereby building goodwill for the profession. Was It Worth It? Simply, yes. I have more than made up the publication costs with the first few clients who engaged my firm because of "The Forever Home." My publishing house provided coach- ing on marketing methods, which when implemented resulted in its release reaching No. 1 on Amazon in six categories, a mayoral proclamation in my hometown, TV and radio spots, and numerous lecture and book signing engagements. I underestimated the positive results and have sold out of book copies. I am now planning the release of a second printing. Process Summary • Leverage the knowledge of what you do and share it. • Take what you know. • Add what clients want to know. • Evaluate publishing costs vs. client value. • Create content. • Publish. • This benefits you, your clients, and our profession. Kevin Harris, FAIA, is a past Advisory Group member of CRAN, former chair of AIA Small Project Practitioners Knowledge Community, and author of "The Forever Home: How to work with an architect to design the home of your dreams" Kevin runs a custom residential practice out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 42 RESIDENTIALDESIGNMAGA ZINE.COM VOL. 3, 2019 AIA CRAN NEW Standard Installation Model 480 22 Gauge Aluminized Steel—Shown Painted Give the Dryer Some Space Today, you can place the dryer flush to the wall without crushing the exhaust hose or otherwise restricting airflow. Specify the Dryerbox for safer, roomier and more efficient homes. Room to Breathe ® 888-443-7937 FOR MORE INFO CIRCLE 19

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