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pool and sea seem to merge together into a single watery plane. "We were hoping for a progression of spaces. And that was very key in section," says Joeb. "The entry garden, the two-story entry gallery, passing through the dining room, and seeing past this cascading infinity pool, 40 feet above the sound. When you're standing in any of these areas, you feel the pool is part of the Sound. When you turn to the left or the right, away from the water, you engage the galleries and the art." The installed art participates in the dialogue of vertical and horizontal, as well. An example is the polka dot triptych that tops the long, low fireplace in the living room, both referring subtly to the horizontal water view. In Between Although the renovation moves the house solidly toward modernism, the kitchen redo splits the baby at what some would call "transitional." This room was the domain of the wife, who worked closely with Thalassa to achieve the utility and look she wanted. "She wanted a kitchen where she can reach her plates," says Joeb. "So, we mea- sured down to the inch what could be reached. As a result, the kitchen works incredibly well." The gently paneled white cabinetry is sharpened by clear hardware and steel elements, and, he adds, the room's "bilateral symmetry keeps it clean, minimal, and modern." The kitchen's positioning pivots easily among informal dining, formal This page: The kitchen strikes a transitional look with paneled cabinetry, sharpened by modern steel elements and carefully controlled symmetry. 69 VOL. 2, 2019 RESIDENTIALDESIGNMAGA ZINE.COM

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