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line, where a two-story neighbor shades the house, and a windowless hallway keeps out the hot western sun. The courtyards break apart the building to capture northern light, and cathedral ceilings in the great room and master suite also scoop in light. The middle section containing the boys' bedrooms has a flat ceiling to allow for an attic containing an HVAC unit, which drops air into the great room to the south and the master suite to the north. Block Buster For Russell, the one-story house paid homage to the neighborhood's histo- ry and the existing cottage that was torn down. But the neighbors saw it differently. The rising, barn-like forms were lampooned in no time. "People across the street put signs in their yards that said 'barnyard' with a big arrow; other signs had a donkey or a chicken," Russell recalls. Protesters notwithstand- ing, the architectural plans disappeared from the jobsite four times. "The con- tractor felt like it was developers, but it may even have been other architects who couldn't believe the house was that long and narrow," Russell says. If anything, the thefts underscored the irresistible appeal of a fresh face on the block. Early on, some people had also been upset that the house sat so close to the street, but that sentiment soon faded too. "Until we did this project, there were no houses that went up to the front yard setback of 25 feet," Russell says. "Ours projected out about The long spine connecting the multiple house pods is set against the west wall to reduce heat gain. A deep, wood-clad overhang shades the living area window wall from excessive sun, but its upswing holds it out of view. 48 RESIDENTIALDESIGNMAGA ZINE.COM VOL. 2, 2019 DESIGN LAB CONSCIOUS OF CONTEXT

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