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downtown, which makes its gradual transformation from older bungalows to multistory mega-homes a familiar story. When the clients purchased the 55-foot-wide by 220-foot-long lot, however, they couldn't bring them- selves to use a builder house plan. The married couple—a creative director at a large advertising firm and a buyer for Neiman Marcus—have two teenage boys and asked Buchanan Architecture for a highly social house with room for entertaining. "They had gone to a builder be- fore they came to us," says Russell Buchanan, FAIA. "They used to live across the street from us; we've been friends for 20 years. So we put a pro- gram together and it was one of the rare times when the design and form came together almost instantly. Within a couple of weeks we were on track and working on the project." Pod Cast The lot itself was a conundrum—long, narrow, and running north-south, ex- actly against the best solar orientation. The newer houses around them sat back about 30 feet from the street, leaving a deep empty lot with a garage off the alley at the back of the property. "In an aerial view you'll see huge houses with wimpy little breezeways that go 150 feet back to the garage," Russell says. "I think it's because the developers already had plans drawn, so they put the house at the front and the garage at the back and figured out how to connect the two." Russell took a different approach. His research showed that before Dallas was settled in 1845, it was part of the Blackland Prairies, and the early dwellings were one-story structures made of readily available wood and corrugated metal, which was invented in 1820. Inspired by the wife's fondness for reclaimed materials, Russell drew a row of four taut, gabled pods clad in This page: Pulling the house to the front setback line and running it as a series of pods along the west edge of the property created a progression of shaded outdoor areas. 46 RESIDENTIALDESIGNMAGA ZINE.COM VOL. 2, 2019 DESIGN LAB CONSCIOUS OF CONTEXT

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