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Beyond the Glass H O W P E L L A A R C H I T E C T U R A L S E R V I C E S H E L P E D C R E AT E A M O D E R N M A S T E R P I E C E . River Birch House | Jose Garcia Design | Cincinnati, OH JARON VOS Manager, Architectural Solutions A T T H E D R A W I N G B O A R D Pella's experts started by drawing up plans for Garcia's extra-large window combinations. Using design parameters provided by structural engineers, the team developed several conventional mullion-reinforcing options that would withstand wind loads at spans greater than 14 feet. "Conventional reinforcing options are too wide for a project like this, so the width of the mullions was very important," said Jaron Vos, manager of Architectural Solutions at Pella. "We designed a one-inch custom extrusion that was deeper than the frame but could hold a narrow width." A N E W U S E F O R T R U C K B E D L I N E R A span this long required a unique solution. To obtain the right structural capacity, the depth of the aluminum extrusion needed to extend beyond the window frames and into the interior. This design presented the potential for condensation. And though the extrusion would be insulated by wood trim, the team wanted to be sure that condensation would not be an issue. After utilizing thermal modeling and conductance testing, Pella's architectural engineers concluded that a coat of truck bed liner applied to the extrusion would solve the issue. "It has durability and low thermal conductivity. Plus, it's thin enough to not interfere with the trim," Vos said. "Once the interior trim was installed, the condensation concern was alleviated." S M A R T I N S T A L L A T I O N P R A C T I C E S Because large combinations and custom extrusions were new to the installer, a field services specialist from Pella Architectural Solutions worked on-site to advise on the installation procedures. "With specialized engineering, drafting, testing and field services, we can say 'yes' to an architect's vision, help contractors make those visions reality, and provide customers the looks and performance they want," Vos explained. A R C H I T E C T U R A L E X P E R T I S E F R O M B E G I N N I N G T O E N D Design and performance analysis Thermal analysis Custom extrusion design Preliminary design drawings Custom product design Installation shop drawings Field services and on-site training Photographer: Ryan Kurtz Photography Aiming to create a strikingly modern residence with narrow sightlines, expansive glass and natural materials, Jose Garcia Design turned to the Pella Architectural Solutions team. From preliminary drawings to installation advisory, Pella worked with the acclaimed firm and contractor to deliver solutions that met challenging design requirements — and created one of Cincinnati's most innovative structures.

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