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and we've been providing whole-house interiors and furnish- ings ever since. This put the cherry on top of our full service to our clients, provided by a company of professionals led by architects. Saving Time and Money. Decisions can be made at the design table without undue delays. You lead the team on design as well as cost and keep your client informed about cost throughout the design process, rather than after when adjustments are more expensive to make. Your team provides thorough construction documents together with a take-it- to-the-bank cost estimate prior to construction, minimizing construction start delays and change orders, and reinforcing critical path scheduling. Think of comprehensive construction documents as your and your clients' best friend. Quality Control. Clients frequently hear that design-bid- build leads to optimized quality control because the architect oversees the builder's work. Unfortunately, the reality is that only a small percentage of residential architects remain involved through the construction process. An architect-led design-build firm that provides comprehensive construction documents and is responsible for on-site work is the best assurance for quality results for the client, since the ultimate liability lies with the builder. Higher Conversion to Construction. What better way to bolster financial stability than to have a solid design-to-con- struction projection of projects spanning one to two years forward? Your clients will be willing to make the design-build transition with you if you have an established record for qual- ity and high integrity. While it does require some leap of faith, our conversion rate is over 95 percent, and we have not pro- vided design services only or build services only in 20 years. Selling a Product. Another of the great byproducts of operating a design-build firm is the ability to produce your own homes for sale. We have averaged one to two speculative homes for sale every year since the '80s, expanding our firm's activity and income potential nicely, and carrying us through some recessions with additional cash flow. This is a call to action. While the commercial track may be too complex and well established to tackle, we can still make it happen in custom residential. If we don't do it now, home- builders are going to totally dominate custom design-build, while we ruminate about how little work we're getting. I'm continually sharpening my tools to keep up with the competition and to keep the phone ringing. And ringing it is. Owners (clients) are actively seeking out proven single-source providers of quality design and construction for the conve- nience and ease it promises. Obviously, it requires a great team to back up the promises and it's not the easiest approach, but I find it totally gratifying each and every day. Being a residential architect is pretty awesome, and design-build brings great potential for controlling your own destiny. Maybe we need to think in terms of providing a product (a home) in lieu of providing services. Most of us already have an established brand, not unlike that of high- end designers, recognized by our clients. Let's move beyond project delivery to product delivery and make design-build the vehicle that drives our success home. A founding member of CRAN, Luis Jauregui, FAIA, is also a Distinguished Alumni of the College of Architecture at Texas A&M University, and past President of AIA Austin and the Home Builders Association of Greater Austin. This page: Jauregui also supplies interior design and furnishing services on its ultra high-end projects, providing a turnkey new-home solution to its clients and an additional revenue stream to the firm. 29 VOL. 2, 2019 RESIDENTIALDESIGNMAGA ZINE.COM

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