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VOL2 2019

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True Green SCOTT RODWIN, AIA, RODWIN ARCHITECTURE AND SKYCASTLE CONSTRUCTION BOULDER, COLORADO Scott Rodwin, AIA, is an architect, but his No. 1 mantra in the design and con- struction business is "respect the builder." Maybe that's not such a surprise because, in addition to his architecture firm, Rodwin Architec- ture, he owns a construction company called Skycastle Construction. Togeth- er, the 12-person design-build firm achieves a high standard of sustainable residential work that Scott says would be very difficult to accomplish without providing both pieces of the puzzle. The company builds within a radius of about 1½ hours of its base in Boulder, Colorado, an area that's benefited and suffered from an extended housing boom. Delivering construction services was key to the company's survival during the last downturn, but it's also essential to its success today, when building talent is in such short supply. "The cost of building is sky high," Scott explains. "And that's because in the great recession we lost a lot of skilled tradespeople. Since then demand has consistently increased. Also, the quality of the houses has ratcheted up. It used to be that the rules were very relaxed in certain areas, and less skilled workers built lower-quality houses." Boulder has long been a stronghold of tough green building standards, but surrounding areas are catching up and, at the same time, buyers are demanding better houses. "Now, as people have moved from the coast and brought higher expectations, they've pushed the design quality and construction quality," says Scott. "Fifteen years ago, very few people were doing pier construction, which is essential with our clay soils. Today, we're seeing a lot of cracking in those houses— cracking foundations, porches that sink or rise, garages that crack." When Scott founded his archi- tecture firm in 1999, he was an early apostle of sustainable residential de- Photos: Cour tesy Rodwin Architecture Scott Rodwin, AIA 23 VOL. 2, 2019 RESIDENTIALDESIGNMAGA ZINE.COM PRO-FILE BUILD

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