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samples, for instance. It's revolutionized how we work." "It's light-filled, with inspiring materials," Kris adds. "Our materials resource manager helps us track down what we need for the room and re- searches other sources." The expansive space facilitates work within the office and with clients, interior designers, landscape designers, and builders. "We like to get in there and have fun with ev- eryone," says Gabe. "We want to make sure everyone's voice is heard." As it turns out, quite a few of the firm's clients are interior designers and builders themselves. One of the area's best custom builders hired the firm to design his own vacation home on a lake. The partners' willingness to collaborate is likely at the heart of that, along with its openness to all architectural styles and all levels of engagement. "We're a full-service ar- chitecture firm that handles everything from initial concepts to construction documents," Kris explains. "But we have a large number of people who will come to us not knowing what they want to do. We can take them through a mas- ter design phase and then pause, talk to a builder, and get a basic cost." Adds Gabe, "If the clients have a tight budget, sometimes the best value from us is to provide a napkin sketch. Of course, we'll make sure liability is laid out clearly if we're offering reduced services. But it's up to us to allocate the clients' budget where they can get the best value. What we're known best for is listening to our clients. We listen to what home means to them, whether that's very traditional or modern. Lars, Kris, and I enjoy it all; it's part of our history, a part of where we came from." Nice Work It's been a long, cold winter in the Mid- west, but a busy one for the firm. For the second time in two years, the partners are taking the entire office and signifi- cant others on a retreat. Costa Rica is this year's destination, where everyone can decompress, thaw out, and visit the site of a large project in progress. Says Kris, "It's another way of us bonding together, a chance to see the gorgeous surroundings of the site we collaborated on. And it's a thank you for all the hard work." —S. Claire Conroy Top left and right: In deference to its neighbors' scenic rights, Sunfish Lake Residence hugs its hilly site, yet still manages to capture sweeping views of the lake. Left: Tucked between two traditional houses, Pelican Lake Modern shoehorns onto a tight, narrow site to secure stunning water views. Photo: Spacecraf ting Photo: Spacecraf ting Photo: Paul Crosby 20 RESIDENTIALDESIGNMAGA ZINE.COM VOL. 2, 2019 PRO-FILE DESIGN

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