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The Hole Story David had eight years to ponder his design, but without a specific site he could only narrow down the aesthetics and approach he hoped to take. "I had an idea of how I wanted to do the house—the minimalism and the detailing," he says. "When we got the property, I devised the general idea of com- ing down the site, going through a hole, and continuing down. The whole house would step down the hill and work with the topography. Then I could figure out the massing." Architects have a penchant for taking something easy and designing in complexity. Speculative builders, on the other hand, tend to stay with the easy and layer on decoration. Had David wanted to build the cheapest, most straightforward modern house he could, he would have simply plopped a glass-filled cube on the lot, as so many are doing in the city. But he wanted to do more than just employ the site, he wanted to engage it at every opportunity. So he started with the usual house box, "cut" it to suit the programmed square footage, divided it into public and private functions, and then split and rotated the box into perpendicular volumes. This page and opposite: Storage walls line the circulation hall on the south side of the house, while glazing opens up to curated northern and eastern views of the wooded lot. Skylights placed in deep, angled ceiling recesses bounce soft light into interior spaces. 34 RESIDENTIALDESIGNMAGA ZINE.COM VOL. 1, 2019 CASE STUDY

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