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VOL.6 2018

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Openness and Privacy So the team took a few cues from those neighboring Midcentury dwellings and designed a seemingly simple box. Not so simply, they elevated the box on steel columns above the carport and torqued it along the site's natural grade. Orienting the shorter end toward the street and pointing the broad side deep into the lot allows the house to capture the high, flat side of the property for a private courtyard and pool area and provides a wooded vista as the ground drops off toward the river. With the main level elevated, the clients gained some lower-level space at minimal extra cost, including a "rumpus room," as Kevin calls it, and some storage and utility space. There are no interior stairs between the main and lower level, and arrivals at the carport must proceed up a flight of covered exterior stairs to the family entry. Even with the small exertion required, it's a lovely arrival experience. The stairs are flanked by a screen of white powder-coated steel rods along the exterior of the house and by a glass wall along the interior. The rods block views at certain angles and allow them at others, serving as a "series of veils" into the house. And when the interior lights shine through at night, the whole house appears to float above its terrain, answering the play of light and shadow from the sinewy live oak trees nearby. "It's beautiful to see shadows come in and reflect off the glass in streaks of light," says Kevin. "I can't do anything A custom textile banquette expands seating for the dining area, tucked along the storage walls. "The Modernism I love...simplicity of line, animated by reflections and shadows, vistas and materials."—Kevin Alter 43 VOL. 6, 2018 RESIDENTIALDESIGNMAGA ZINE.COM

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