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VOL.5 2018

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Redo Redressed Over the intervening years, the house had several remodels. The most recent renovation (before it sold to the current owners) added an elevator to the center of the house and a resistance pool in the lower level, but left many of the finish materials in their original condition. Everything was a little rough around the edges and, worst of all in hot, steamy coastal Maryland, the house had no central air conditioning. The design-savvy clients called in ar- chitect Jim Rill, AIA, of Rill Architects and Horizon HouseWorks to help whip the place into shape and adapt it to their specific tastes and needs. "The previous architect didn't know these customers," Jim says graciously. The owners han- dled the interior furnishings themselves and were very hands-on with finish selections and other details. His role, as he perceived it, was to "re-inspire the house and re-inspire the landscape." "The woods had started to take over. And some of the changes to the house impeded the light and views to the outdoors. The elevator had closed the flow," he recalls. Still, the house had maintained a good deal of its original in- tegrity. "A lot of houses of this period are run down and beat up, but this one was unique. It was a real piece of art to start with, but one that had been caked over." The team did not set out to do a word-for-word translation of old into new, but one that recovered the poetry of the original while injecting a re- finement and polish missing from the earlier, more earthy aesthetic. "We're not forensic people," says Jim. "But we understood what the architect and original owners set out to do." This page: Jim Rill's redo focused on subtle refinements to the floor plan and finishes, and substantial fixes to a previous renovation. 72 RESIDENTIALDESIGNMAGA ZINE.COM VOL. 5, 2018 DESIGN LAB INVENTION AND REINVENTION

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