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of the cross vaults. "Elsewhere in the house, Wallace had started this series of beautiful plastered cross vaults," Zoltan explains. "We had to recreate the ge- ometry to be indistinguishable from the old. We did laser-cut models to show the framers—who were like finish-level carpenters—that the lathe had to be very accurate." The team also set about restoring tile floors and other elements damaged or altered over time. A new opening to the pool area echoes the grand-scaled arched windows throughout the house, and the pink kitchen received a facelift in a calmer wood species to harmonize with the hexagonal tile floors. Although primarily a job of reimag- ining and reinvention, there were still some opportunities for invention in the main house. For instance, the archi- tects designed lovely casework (a desk, shelves, and consoles) that tucks into This page: Code required a fence for the new pool, so Zoltan made it as beautiful as the rest of the property. arched niches. The built-ins play with the screen motif, cut in wood instead of metal or concrete. "The cabinets were engraved with a CNC milling ma- chine," say Zoltan. "All these elements that were once done by hand, we have to tackle with computers to even approach the precision of the originals." In the library, built-ins have a mod- ern edge, such as benches that swoop under windows and join up with low bookshelves. Pattern Language Viewed in site plan, the re-landscaped driveway and pool terrace evoke the patterning of a Klimt painting—a hybrid blend of ornate, organic design language and the orthogonal orderli- ness of modernism. "We needed to create a more thought- ful paving experience," says Zoltan. "There were traditional tiles leading to the front of the house—a staged red grid, almost like a running bond ashlar 59 VOL. 5, 2018 RESIDENTIALDESIGNMAGA ZINE.COM

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