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VOL.5 2018

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small conference area, and a lounge with comfortable seating. Says Zoltan, "There's a place for the books, a place to work, and a place to write. It's a place to do the work that is not for money." There's also a small bathroom with a shower, so the space can double as overflow guest accommodations. "Everything is neatly organized on a mathematic module," he adds. "The shape of the gable, the volumetric ex- pression of it—we really enjoyed those. And the screen elements that fold out like shutters." When the sun is shining in, the com- puter-carved screens cast shadows like artwork on the floors of the garage and library. For the clients, one of whom is a mathematician and the other who is an artist, the screens are the perfect synthesis of their two disciplines. Inside Job The main house rehabilitation, freed from the task of accommodating the new library, focused on restoring Wallace Neff's aesthetic, undone by previous renovations. "My first comment when I saw the interiors was, 'what happened here?'" says Zoltan. "The previous architect had taken that north end and turned it into something you'd see in a Cape Cod house—all clapboard. And the kitchen—it was Bulthaup, but in a dark pink! It all had to be rethought and redone." Not only did the interiors need realignment with the original aesthetic, they also had to tie in with the new pool and terraced outdoor areas. Again, the solution drew heavily on mathe- matics—in this case, the geometries FLOOR PLANS | 1. Garage | 2. Storage 3. Mechanical Room | 4. Stair Hall | 5. Reading Room | 6. Powder Room | 7. Library SECOND FLOOR: PRIVATE LIBRARY FIRST FLOOR: GARAGE SITE SECTION 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 2 3 4 5 6 7 SITE PLAN | 1. Existing Carriage House | 2. Garage/Library Addition | 3. Existing Tree House 4. Pool Addition | 5. Interior Renovation | 6. Existing House | 7. Re-landscaped Driveway | 8. Driveway 58 RESIDENTIALDESIGNMAGA ZINE.COM VOL. 5, 2018 DESIGN LAB INVENTION AND REINVENTION

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