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VOL.5 2018

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designing, we break the news to clients. We want to do it before the contractor does," says Dave. "We use an early cost estimate and calculate whole projects— fees, professional services, permits, site work, site development, site building. We never want to design a house they can't build. Everyone needs to know up front if we have to reduce the program or increase the budget. And we ask them to bring the contractor in during design development. At the very earliest meet- ings, we'll give them a square foot range based on images they bring in and the difficulty of their site. A typical range here might be $350 to $450 and, in some cases, $450 to $550." "We want that message out soon, because even recently we had a couple come in and ask us to de- sign a 4,000-square-foot house for $700,000," Tim adds. "Doing that preliminary cost assessment helps us reassess design requirements. Instead of an endless program of spaces and uses, what if we group that exercise room with an art studio? It does help pull in the reins on the wish lists." Glazed and Confused Apart from permitting fees and program inflation, the other substantial cost center clients often don't grasp is tech- nological. The Portland area is blessed with gorgeous views, but also contends with a wet and windy climate. The former argues for lots of glazing, and the latter for a house built like a bunker. What's more, it takes a house built like a bunker to secure all those wide, glazed openings that showcase the views. On the midcentury remodels, these up- grades present a special challenge. This page: The Road's End Beach House was a new build for a retiring couple who wished to age in place. There are master suites on both levels of the 2,600-square-foot plan, and stunning water views from all key rooms. Photos: David Papazian 22 RESIDENTIALDESIGNMAGA ZINE.COM VOL. 5, 2018 PRO-FILE DESIGN

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