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VOL.4. 2018

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There is something comforting about a house that is easy to understand. Ex- hausted after a particularly brutal day at work? What a relief, then, to arrive at your houseā€”a simple bar-shaped struc- ture with a see-through central living area. Your children's bedrooms are on one side of the house and your office and master suite are on the other. Virtually one generous room wide, the building has no complex forms or clever maneu- vers and is intuitive to navigate. In other words, it's so instinctive that it seems as if it was never designed at all. That's the case with this residence, a 10-minute drive from downtown India- napolis. The owners had lived a mile or so away, and the husband discovered the property on a morning run. Its 12 acres stretched along a piece of land with a wooded upper area, a small clearing, and a sloping meadow. "They fell in love with the site and saw an opportuni- ty to embrace living in a more connected way to the outdoors than they had in their existing house," says Noah Biklen, a principal at Deborah Berke Partners, which received the commission. The family of five lived in a beautiful 1950s colonial-style white brick house in an older neighborhood, but this property sparked their imagination. "It inspired them to consider, 'Wow, we could live in a different way'," Noah says. "They asked us to help figure out what that would mean." 61 VOL. 4, 2018 RESIDENTIALDESIGNMAGA ZINE.COM

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