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VOL.4. 2018

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is walnut in the circulation areas and stone in the dining room, kitchen/liv- ing area, and his-and-hers offices. The architects used as much indirect lighting as possible, and the 2-inch recessed ceiling fixtures are mudded in so they almost disappear. "Everything we did was analyzed through the lens of an art collector," Matthew says. His firm's 40,000- square-foot fabrication facility pro- duced the house's walnut cabinetry and printed 3D prototypes for the metal hardware. "They wanted everything to have significant meaning; it was import- ant that even the hardware play into the concept of the house." Matthew says. "It took customization to a new level." That customization continued on the home's exterior, where the firm wrote software to make the undulating steel panels that hang like stylized cur- tains on the upper bedroom volumes. "Imagine having a flat piece of metal and opening it as you would a curtain, how it would bunch up to the side; the panels do the same thing," Matthew says. With its embossed dots, the steel's texture is similar to a paper towel and diffuses the light. "We worked with local manufacturer Zahner, famous in the sheet-metal world," Matthew says. "It was a great thrill to work with them on a local project." Not surprisingly, the biggest challenges were structural. A rigorous building envelope is always important, and when you have aggressive canti- levers on a 10-foot primary structure, zero-tolerance trimless interiors, and casework and windows that go floor to ceiling and wall to wall, there is little margin for error. The building is wood- framed but the superstructure is steel, which inherently moves, says Hufft principal Greg Vielhauer, operations manager for the construction and fabrication divisions. "The finishes are not conducive to the movement you Level 0 (Gallery) Level 2 Level 1 44 RESIDENTIALDESIGNMAGA ZINE.COM VOL. 4, 2018 DESIGN LAB OUTER LIMITS

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