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VOL.4. 2018

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thinking about the size of art that could go on a wall and the vantage point of where you could see it from," Matthew says. "The last model we did was huge, 6 feet by 6 feet." This porosity is apparent immedi- ately on entering the house. The foyer crosses a bridge over the open stairwell, long staircases with exaggerated open- ings connect all three levels, and a glass floor off the main stair meets a large bookshelf that continues through the floor to the gallery below. "At a party you can look up and see the young girls running upstairs, and look down and see the art gallery," Matthew says. "To me that's what makes it really special; views are captured in a lot of different ways." Outside-in it's a differ- ent story. Deep overhangs all the way around the house were calculated to keep out direct light that could damage the artwork. Although the lot is large, there are neighbors all around and the overhangs, with screening and vegeta- tion between them, make the house feel unusually private. Material World Intimate, open, and casual, the rooms of this 10,600-square-foot house are dimensionally similar to those of smaller homes. A kitchen and sitting area with a fireplace forms the center of the home where family members spend most of their time. Double-pane wood store- front windows overlook the backyard, which contains a sculpture garden and swimming pool. A simple color and material palette creates a blank surface on which the art can pop. Radiant-heated flooring Above and opposite: Custom knife-edge detailing appears on the stairs and echoes a similar blunt edge on the roof overhangs. Clockwise from above: The master suite captures views inside and outside the property. Custom steel "curtains" undulate like fabric on the exterior. Deep overhangs protect art and occupants from harsh sun. 42 RESIDENTIALDESIGNMAGA ZINE.COM VOL. 4, 2018 DESIGN LAB OUTER LIMITS

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