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VOL.4. 2018

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Some of the worst houses occupy the best sites. This hilltop location in California's Marin County doesn't just have a mountain view, it looks out on Mount Tamalpais, where the sport of mountain biking was first invented. It also takes in views of San Francisco Bay, San Quentin, and the Richmond Bridge. Breathtaking. Too bad the original house on the site looked like a dental clinic in a strip mall. In some parts of the country, there would have been no question that the existing house should come down. But in Northern California, there are many advantages to remodeling. Permit approvals are often faster and less compli- cated; codes may allow grandfathered elements to remain (a wood-burning fireplace, for instance); there may even be financial benefits, given the area's sky-high construction costs. And then there's the higher order benefit to society and the planet that comes of conserving resources and materials. The clients 29 VOL. 4, 2018 RESIDENTIALDESIGNMAGA ZINE.COM

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