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VOL.4. 2018

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who's also the brand story consultant at echo- Engagement. His focus on brand marketing will enlighten a good many of us who are weak in tell- ing our own stories and conveying our strengths to potential clients. Kevin Harris, FAIA, will speak on going "From Architect to Best-Selling Author." Based in Baton Rouge, La., Kevin is a recognized expert and speaker on single-family residential and renovation design. His work has received numerous design awards and has been published in more than 50 books and national publica- tions. His book, "The Forever Home," outlines a "step-by-step process" for collaborating with clients to design successful and fulfilling custom residences. Filling out the roster are Michael Imber, FAIA, principal architect of Michael G. Imber, Architects, PLLC, and John Senhauser, FAIA, of Cincinnati. Michael leads a modern classical design firm based in San Antonio, Texas, recog- nized for work that's strong in historic sentiment yet modern in execution. Michael will speak on being "Drawn to Classicism." John designs both modern new buildings and sensitive renovations "that are nationally celebrated for their craft, durability, wit, and poetic vitality," according to one critic. He'll talk on "Peeling the Onion and Other Musings." This reminds me that not only are the seminars rich and varied in content (be it traditional or contemporary design) at CRAN Cincinnati, but the food will be equally delectable and diverse in offerings—whether one prefers Cincinnati Chili with the works or strictly vegetarian fare. All in all, as with past CRAN events, beyond a full plate of food, fun, thoughtful conversation, and informative discussions, an intimate connection with vendors and peers in residential practice will be served. John Senhauser, FAIA Kevin Harris, FAIA 26 RESIDENTIALDESIGNMAGA ZINE.COM VOL. 4, 2018 AIA CRAN Safer, Roomier, More Efficient Homes Some Space Protect Dryer Exhaust Hose In The Wall Unique Details Help Build Homebuyer Enthusiasm Dryer Dryer Give Give The The Specifying the Dryerbox for in-wall duct connections makes homes roomier and safer. Now there's a larger version that accommodates stand-alone and pedestal dryers whether venting up or down. Select new model DB-480 to simplify construction and give homebuyers more freedom to choose the appliances that best fit their lifestyle. ® FOR MORE INFO CIRCLE 13

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